Vehicle Service Overview

Mobile 1 Lube Express in Nanaimo is so much more than just an oil change shop. We are dedicated to keeping you safe on the road.

We use the latest automotive service information and equipment and offer several services to keep your vehicle clean and running smoothly.

Our Main Vehicle Services:

• Engine Oil Lube and Filter Change
• Engine Air Filter Replacement
• Cabin Air Filter Replacement
• Fuel Filter Replacement – Gas/Diesel Engines
• Engine Oil Flush
• PCV Valves and Breathers Replacement
• Power Steering Fluid Service
• Engine Coolant/Antifreeze Fluid Flush and Change
• Auto/Manual Transmission Service
• 4WD/AWD Fluid Service (Differential)
• Fuel System Service
• Headlights and Tail lights
• Wiper Blade Replacement
• Serpentine Belt and Tensioner Replacement
• Battery Replacement
• 24/7 Automated Car Wash
• Manual Car wash

We do the following with all of our maintenance packages:

• Change Motor Oil
• Replace Oil Filter
• Inspect Engine Air Filter
• Inspect Cabin Air Filter
• Inspect Fuel Filter and Fuel System
• Evaluate current crankcase oil condition
• Inspect PCV Valve and Breather
• Check level and condition of Power Steering Fluid
• Check level and condition of Engine Cooling System Fluid
• Check level and condition of Transmission fluid
• Check level and condition of 4WD/AWD Fluids
• Top up under hood fluids as required *up to 1L
• Check Headlights and Tail Lights For Proper Operation
• Check and adjust Tire Pressures as required
• Inspect Wiper Blade condition
• Inspect Serpentine Belt and Tensioner
• Check battery and charging system condition
• Provide diagnosis of ‘Check Engine’ light, if illuminated
• Reset Service Maintenance System (if equipped)
• Complimentary Interior Vacuuming

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